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Tips that work for curly hair

  1. Get a haircut on dry: Ask to tell curly hair that is dry and in its natural form, your hairdresser will be able to see exactly where each set of curls falls.

  2. High ponytail during sleep: Before you go to bed, pick up your hair in a high ponytail.

  3. Don't wipe. Leave your hair wrapped, wait about five minutes, and gently release the cloth from your hair.

  4. Low heat: If you use a blowdryer, use the lowest heat in your hairdryer and end up with cold air.

  5. Discard products with harmful chemicals: Learn to read the ingredients on the labels on the products.

  6. Choose shampoo wisely: Use a gentle shampoo without toxic chemicals like sulfates, alcohol, and parabens that can irritate your scalp.

  7. Mask before shampoo: Use a hair mask or oil on dry or damp hair before showering and leave 20-30 minutes before you go in and overlap...

  8. Do not rush curly hair: It is not recommended to brush curly hair.

  9. Enough with the boiling water for your hair: lower the temperature of the water you wash and wash your hair in the shower.

  10. Moisture. Moisturizer: Always use moisturizer, oil, or curl feeding cream that suits your hair type after overlap.

So what is never recommended to do to curly hair?

  • Don't have curly hair every day. Overlap every day removes the natural oils.

  • Don't sleep on cotton pillowcases as it can create friction and hair breakage. You expected better results with silk pillowcases.

  • Don't use a high-heat sliding or basket face for formatting often.

  • Don't leave your hair in a tight ponytail all the time.

  • Don't use any unsuitable products. Go for products created specifically for your hair type.

  • Don't scan the curls. Especially not on dry. And while you are, you will be super gentle.

  • Most importantly, do not compare your hair to smooth hair or other hair types. Learn to accept yourself and your curls.


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