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Our Story

Studio 212

Hanan is an exceptional hairstylist with a natural talent for creating beautiful, unique looks. 
He embarked on his journey in the world of hairdressing at a young age, just 16 years old. 
His passion and skill quickly became evident, and by the time he was 20, he had already established himself as a skilled hairstylist in the heart of Manhattan. 
Years later, at 33, Hanan returned to his homeland, Israel, where he opened his new hairstyling studio in the tranquil Kibbutz Mahaniim. 
Today, Studio 212, located in the scenic Kidmat Tzvi in the Golan Heights, operates as a Unique women's hairstyling studio specializing in creating seamless, natural, gorgeous hairstyles. 

With years of experience and a deep passion for hairstyling, Hanan continues to provide exceptional services to his clients, taking the time to understand their preferences and personal style. 
His personalized approach creates unique looks that perfectly complement each individual's natural beauty.



To reinforce the strength of women by building their power through their self-confidence.

Hide and Seek


To help woman build a style that reflects their inner beauty


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