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Tips for more natural and beautiful hair

Haircare Tips for all hair types to help every woman look and feel her best.

  1. Silk expectations: silk pillowcases, the silk pillowcase is probably one of the most untapped and best tricks there is. It's not only better for your hair, but it's also better for your skin!

  2. Massage the scalp: Massage the scalp, even just 1 minute a day, helps reduce stress, reduce pain, and encourage hair growth.

  3. throw your hair backward: Once you have finished shaping your hair or allowing it to dry naturally and the hair is dry, lower your head upside down and throw back again your hair will have more volume movement and free movement.

  4. Fine comb: When you comb wet or dry hair, the most important thing is not to break the hair, if you try to forcibly untangle your hair breaking while combing will make your hair look dry and brittle, try using a comb with wide teeth or a brush with delicate silicone teeth and always remember to comb your hair more gently.

  5. Must avoid frizz: Frizzy hair does not look good, but there are many tips and tricks to the hair that help prevent frizz.

  6. Seawater protection: Saltwater can damage your hair.

  7. scalp conditioner: Your scalp naturally produces oils that are healthy for your hair.

  8. trim every 6-12 weeks: If you see that the edges are starting to split it is recommended to get rid of them cutting 1/4 cm from the edges every 6-12 weeks will leave your hair looking healthy and essential.

  9. Healthy food for healthy hair: You will be able to eat food rich in vitamins and minerals.

  10. Say no to extreme heat: Try to avoid using hairdryers and hair straighteners as much as possible, the damage to hair from extreme heat causes dryness and frizz and enslaves you in a vicious cycle of damage and a "solution" in the same operation.

natural and beautiful hair


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