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Restorative treatment before shampoo or conditioner: which is better?

There is a huge selection of hair care products that are designed to soften the hair, and this category seems to have grown dramatically in recent years.

Between hair repair care products, nourishing masks before washing and more, everyone can find a product that suits their hair!

What is the difference between using a pre-shampoo nourishing mask and a conditioner? Have you ever wondered which one would be better for you?

Hair conditioner:

Benefits: Easy to use, applied to clean, washed hair to maximize product penetration, usually applied in the shower or over the sink at the salon so the heat/steam from the water can help soften the hair and allow absorption

Cons: Requires brushing before use, can make your hair feel heavy or without volume, may add time in the shower as they often need about 5-10 minutes to stay on the hair.

Feed mask before overlapping:

Benefits: Designed to be applied directly to dry hair, can be easily incorporated into a busy routine because it does not add more shower time, often very intensive in softening the hair.

Disadvantages: It can be difficult to apply if it is from a jar and not in a spray case, requires an overlap of the scalp only.

Both are good, both offer hair benefits, but which is right for you?

If your hair is broken, dry, colored/bleached, a pre-wash masque treatment is a great way to soften, hydrate and support your hair before washing. It's like putting a nice strong band-aid on the delicate parts to protect them.

If your hair feels weak, dry, lifeless and looks damaged, try a deep conditioner. Not only does it feel good to rub the product through your hair while in the shower.

Each of them would be good to incorporate into a routine! In terms of frequency, it really depends on the condition of your hair. Very damaged hair can benefit from weekly treatments, and healthy hair can benefit from treatments once a month!

Here are some recommended products that have been tested and approved by us for 100% success in home use.

Mask to use before overlapping:

Hair mask after washing in the shower:


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