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Easy routine for curly hair

Step 1: Shower and shampoo

Try washing your hair with hot water, but not boiling.

It is recommended to use products without sulfate, silicone, and paragon-free. The more natural, the better for the hair.

Massage the scalp when ladling with your finger cushions for a few minutes - it helps stimulate blood to the scalp and speeds up hair growth!

Step 2: Conditioner = Your Best Friend

Conditioner. Conditioner. Conditioner. Especially if your hair feels dry. Use enough conditioner especially with curls. We mentioned that we like conditioners?

Focus mainly on the edges and upwards - it helps to moisturize your hair.

Don't forget to put a little on the roots of the hair and the little pieces around the face.

Diabolically bleed the conditioner in cool water to lock in the shine.

Step 4: Diaphration or natural drying

If you are in a hurry, it is recommended to use a diffuser distributed to dry your hair.

If you have time, it is best to let the hair dry naturally.

For extra volume, you can lower your head down and throw your hair back in spaces of 10-20 minutes while the hair dries.

Step 5: End the design

To perfectly finish, try using curl cream, serum, or gloss preferably a product without sulfate, paragon, or silicone. This will help keep curls most of the day if you don't touch your hair and help keep curls more defined.



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