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Choosing a haircut according to the structure of the face

The perfect haircut for your face structure is the one that suits your hair type and your character and lifestyle.

But first of all, the perfect haircut for you is the one that suits your face structure.

How do you know what face structure you have?

Which haircut suits you best?

Does the haircut have to match the structure of the face?

1. How will I know what facial structure I have?

Take a picture with your hair up while looking directly into the camera and without using facial expressions.

Look at the picture and draw with a pen or your finger, if the picture is on a screen the frame line of your face.

Try to understand which of the familiar shapes the frame line is most similar to: oval, circle, heart, or square.

2. Which haircut is best for my facial structure?

Now that you have identified your face structure, you can know which haircut will suit you best.

  • Oval facial structure.

If the structure of your face is oval-shaped, meaning that there is a balance in it with the forehead and chin of the same width, you are blessed.

You can choose any haircut you like, that suits your character, your lifestyle, and your style. Any haircut will flatter you, but don't forget to consider your hair type as well.

  • Long facial structure

Is your face longer than it is being wide? With the help of a suitable haircut, the appearance of the face can be shortened a little. A shoulder-length kara haircut or bangs are excellent solutions for your face structure.

If your face is narrow and long, prefer haircuts that give volume like curls, long bangs or a kara that ends at the chin line.

A hairstyle with a side part is better for having a long face structure, compared to a part in the middle that lengthens the face. Avoid very long hair or very short hair, because they emphasize the length of the face.

  • Round face structure.

Do you have a full face with round cheeks and a small chin?

In order to create the illusion of a longer facial structure, it is recommended to choose a long haircut that falls below the chin line. Avoid graduated haircuts because they create a puffy look at the top of the head and thus add unnecessary volume to the overall look.

  • Heart-shaped facial structure.

The pointed chin draws attention away from the eyes, so you should get a haircut in a way that brings the focus back to the eye area. Bangs up to the eyebrow line, or long bangs on both sides of the face will suit you. Also choosing a haircut with a long rating that touches the cheekbones, or short ratings that emphasize the cheekbones will flatter you very much.

  • Square face structure.

In order to soften the facial features characterized by a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a comprehensive and angular chin, choose soft and round haircuts. A graduated haircut with long hair that goes below the chin will soften the jawline and blur an angular chin. Avoid geometric haircuts with sharp lines.

3. Does the haircut have to match my facial structure?

Not everyone has a distinct facial structure that corresponds exactly to the defined structures.

Your facial features may consist of several shapes.

And maybe you want to emphasize the features of your face structure and not blur them.

Your body structure, your hair type, and your special character also influence the choice of the perfect haircut for you.

That is why it is important to choose a professional and experienced hair stylist who will know how to listen to you, get to know you, and recommend the haircut that will best suit you.

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